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Include Me
Citizen Advocacy in North East Fife
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How the Citizen Process Works

The process of matching someone with a local person in a Citizen Advocacy Partnership can take some time, and must be carried out sensitively and carefully.


We will carry out this process in the following stages:


  1. Identify people who would benefit from the long-term, one-to-one relationship which Citizen Advocacy offers.
  2. Get to know the person (the Partner), their interests, needs, issues which will enable us to form a picture of the kind of person we would ideally like to recruit to be their Citizen Advocate.
  3. Network for the Citizen Advocate – this means using our knowledge of local contacts, both groups and individuals, to find the person we feel will be a good ‘match’ – for example they may live nearby, be of a similar age, share the same interests.  
  4. Recruit the person we think is responsible and more suitable to become the Partner’s Advocate and request from them the names of two referees and a routine police check.
  5. Prepare the Citizen Advocates to give their time freely and make a commitment to the Principles of Citizen Advocacy through a preparation course.
  6. Once the Citizen Advocate has been identified, we will introduce them to their potential partner and continue to meet together until we are satisfied that both people are comfortable with each other.
  7. Regular and on-going support will be provided to the partnership in a way that strengthens its independence from Include Me.​
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 Scottish Charity No. SC 040082 
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