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Include Me
Citizen Advocacy in North East Fife
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What is Citizen Advocacy?



Advocacy is an everyday activity that we often take for granted. Broadly speaking it's when we speak up for ourselves or someone does this on our behalf. However there are people in our community today who have no-one to advocate for them. This can put those people at a significant disadvantage as there is no-one to keep an independent watch on their quality of life or help them be more included in their community. So, Citizen Advocacy is when responsible citizens leading full lives in our communities get to know someone who experiences exclusion from their community or unfair treatment and who needs help to make decisions about their own lives.

 Include Me's role is to create and support the development of long-term Partnerships between the two people.



In each of the Partnerships, one of the partners:                 


  • gives some practical help
  • helps the other to safeguard their human rights
  • provides the other with moral support

It is important that Citizen Advocacy is:


independent of services received by the vulnerable person and their family


a partnership in which the Advocate's sole loyalty is to their partner


not a service to the vulnerable person, but a resource for them within a relationship freely entered into directed by the two people in the partnership


 Scottish Charity No. SC 040082 
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